Judgement Day!

Whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or profess another religion, you have heard of “Judgement Day”. No, not like in the Terminator series of movies, but of a time when one stands before God to answer for their deeds and thoughts in life. Where you good enough? Did you help enough people? Where you a drain on those around you? There’s just you, your attorney, the prosecution team, and the judge. Wow, that Judge has some desk! How will this play out?

The Court

The Prosecuting Attorney is Satan, who is often referred to as “the accuser”. God is the Presiding Judge, and you and I are the ones on trial.

The evidence against us is compiled into a book (of course!) which is thick despite not using large print. Unfortunately, there are very few redactions. (Parts where our thoughts or behaviors were blacked out so that they could not be read). It’s true that the whole book uses boldface print, making everything we did or did not do stand out.

Careful inspection reveals that it reads like a diary, organized by the date. Everything is written here! As a (short) example:

The Evidence

Page dated March 27, 2021

Yes, Satan wrote the things we wish were not in the book in red (the color of Hell) so that it was impossible to miss them. He is doing a great job as the accuser. After all, he has had a lot of experience doing this and has had a lot of success. He has that “evil grin” on his face, as he confidently presents his case. Over and over he calls the judge’s attention to the red print. The Judge looks down with a face that can best be described as “disapproving”. He does NOT look happy. As you look at your copy of the book, it seems that every single page of that book has some red print on it. In fact, some pages have no black print at all. His case is very convincing! Finally, the prosecution is done with their case, and he sits down.

We are in deep trouble if we have no defense! This would be a very good time to have a defense attorney!

The Defense Attorney

Someone sitting next to us stands up, and starts talking to the Judge, “Your Honor …” Who is this? He acknowledges that everything Satan said is true. That the book is an accurate account of the life we have lived. We are so overcome by our Defense Attorney, that we miss a lot of what He says until He prompts the Judge to take another look at the book.

Page dated March 27, 2021

As the Judge looks down at the book, His facial expression changes and prompts us to look down at our copies as well. You notice that everything is still there. However, the red text is … blotted out, unreadable. It is covered in a blood-red background. While it is still there, you can’t see or read it anymore. You hear the Prosecuting Attorney barely stifle tremendous disappointment when He reviews the same page. Your Defense Attorney speaks up and you can hear Him very clearly through your misty eyes. “Your Honor, when one looks at this person’s life and remembers that blood, My own blood, has covered all the things to which Satan pointed, it becomes obvious that this person belongs in Heaven.”

He continues with “The Defense Rests”.

The Verdict

The Judge makes a comment about all the blank space. Then, with a welcoming smile, looks at us as He hits the desk with His gavel, says, “Case Dismissed, Welcome to Heaven.”

Please comment and/or respond to what you heard inside of you as you read this! Let’s share!

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