Christian, Christ-follower or Rescue?

Those who believe the New Testament found in Bibles go around calling themselves Christians. Some have decided that “Christian” is not the best word for them and have switched to “Christ-follower”. There is nothing wrong with either word, as both have solid roots. I have met some “Christians”, who are proud of being one, yet when I look at how they live, at how they treat others, I get confused about what they say is their value system! To be honest, it’s sad. I prefer

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What Scientists can’t see!

Astronomers, astrophysicists, and others who study space today are convinced that there are planets circling other stars. They have already named over 350 of these “exoplanets”. Interestingly enough, not one scientist has actually seen one, not even through the best telescopes we have! They have never shown up in any picture! These same scientists also believe in dark matter, dark energy, and black holes. They have never seen any of them, either! Since there is no direct evidence that these things exist, how can scientists say with absolute certainty that they do?

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Personal Gospels

Some say that the most important books of the Bible are the four Gospels. Because the writers saw things through their own eyes, the stories do not line up 100%, which is as it should be. In many years of detective work, I learned that rarely do two witnesses see things the exact same way. It’s always from their own point of view.

Witness statements. That’s what the Gospels are to us, to me. Different views of the same thing and each view tells you a lot about the author as well. Here’s what I mean:

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